Pasta Trays

Our Famous Mac-N-Cheese

Full Tray $75.00/ Half Tray $60.00


Traditional Penne Alla Vodka

Full Tray $75.00/ Half Tray $55.00


Homestyle Baked Ziti 

Full Tray $75.00/ Half Tray $55.00


Meatball Parmesan 

Full Tray $85.00/Half Tray $65.00


Eggplant Parm Party Tray

Full Tray $85.00/Half Tray $65.00 


Rolled Eggplant Parm

Full Tray  $100.00/Half Tray $85.00


Sausage, Peppers & Onions  

Full Tray $85.00/Half Tray $65.00


Chicken Cutlet Parmesan 

Full Tray $85.00/Half Tray $65.00


Chicken Marsala (w mushrooms)  

Full Tray $90.00/Half Tray $70.00



Garden Salad (Mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, greek olives) 

Full Tray $50.00/Half Tray $30.00


Caesar Salad (Romaine lettuce, homemade croutons caesar dressing)

Full Tray $55.00/Half Tray $35.00 


Wings (Buffalo/BBQ/Spicy)

Full Tray $100.00/Half Tray $70.00 


Jumbo Chicken Fingers


Full Tray $100.00/Half Tray $70.00

Personalized SuperSlices

Say it with... Pepperoni

Have your special slogan, proposal, announcement or well wishes added to your #SuperSlices...

-Personalized SuperSlices starting at $35.00

- Our Famous Christmas Tree SuperSlice $35.00

- Our Cheesy Candy Cane SuperSlice $35.00

1 pound+ Garlic Knot

Our World Famous 1 pound Garlic Knot

 stuffed with cheese $8.50

Above & stuffed with roni cups $12.00


Our 1 pound Garlic Knot

stuffed with cheese and

topped with everything topping $10.00

Above & stuffed with roni cups $15.00